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What is positive thinking?
Author Acharya Prashant
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You have asked about positive thinking.

What is positive? For your or me to call anything as positive, there must be first a centre, an origin, a frame of reference.

Depending upon where your centre is, something becomes positive, and something becomes negative. Our centres are conditioned centres, our centres are ego centres, personal centres. That is why every person has a different frame of reference. That is why what is positive for one person is negative for another person, depending upon their conditioning.

So, the words positive and negative become useless and dangerous. When one is finding something positive, it only means that the thing pleases his ego. The ego will always rush after positivity, but we know that positive-negative are dual companions. So, ego wants pleasure, and gets pain as free gift. I will want positivity, and I will surely get negativity as free gift.

Apart from positivity and negativity, there is another thing: Reality.

Positive and negative are both creations of the mind, in that sense they are imaginary. Why rush after imaginations? Why not be with the Truth?

One needs positivity only when negativity troubles him. When you are afraid and insecure, you want some positive thoughts. But Reality lies in being so assured, peaceful and fearless that you do not need any positive thoughts at all.

So, do not ask for positivity because asking for positivity denotes fear. Instead, become so comfortably seated in the Truth that there is no fear at all.

Reject all voices that tell you that you are insecure. Have faith that the Truth is always with you and you do not need the support of any crutches. When the Ultimate is with you, why do you need to be dependent on this and that?

-Based on the answers provided by me to questions raised on various e-forums.

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