आचार्य प्रशांत आपके बेहतर भविष्य की लड़ाई लड़ रहे हैं
If you want the immense, why not pay a little price? || Acharya Prashant (2015)

* Questioner: Acharya Ji, Pranam.*

There is a lot happening in my life, the whole day is full of innumerable actions and reactions. What is it to be at the centre and then be doing all this?

Many times I catch myself slipping, at times, I see chaos, there are times when I have glimpses. Please shed some light over it.

Acharya Prashant: See, how smart Nisheeth is, he is saying, ‘What is it to be at centre and then be doing all these?’

One thing is sure for him, what is happening is sure to be done, on that he will not compromise.

He saying, ‘I want to do all this, there is no way I want to leave all this, you tell me a technique how can I do this without getting disturbed?’

‘Murder I must do!

Because that I have chosen as my profession now; because that is where my greed and my ignorance has taken me, but I want to be a very peaceful murderer.

So, please teach me peace.’

It’s a great question he has asked, and it is a great instruction for everyone here.

‘What is it to be at centre and then be doing all these?’

He is not at all asking, *‘Whether at all, I should be doing wha*t I am d*oing right now? Whether what I have accepted was worth accepting at all? Whether* was it worth rejecting what I have rejected?’

That question he will never ask, and this is how we all use Spirituality!

‘I want to murder, and I want to murder peacefully.’

Now, pull the dagger out, and slowly stab him in the heart, and then say, ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’, and when he is dying, ‘Om! Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!’


Your daily dose of corporate dhyana !

Om! Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

That’s what Nisheeth has come here for.

By choice, I have immersed my life in rubbish. By choice, I ran away where emancipation was possible. By choice, I have surrounded myself with people who will all drag me into hell.

But I am saying, ‘How could I be doing all this and still be remaining centred ?’

The man who will remain centred, why will he go to those environment in the first place?

And the man who has to remain centred, will remain there?

‘I want to carry my rotten stuff with me but it gives such putrite odour , how can I carry my stuff without the rancid smell’

So, God’s name is like a deodorant for you! You don’t want to clean yourself up, you want to use Spirituality like a deodorant, right?

So, that all your bad odour can be masked; and there are many here who are interested in these techniques. Somebody once asked, ‘Acharya Ji, how to be very attentive in my moments of sexual urge?’

You may also ask, ‘Acharya Ji, how to rape meditatively?’

The bugger will not ask, ‘What’s the origin of this sexual urge? What is it I want to understand it?’

Because in understanding there is fear of dropping.

So he is saying, ‘No, no, no! These days I am interested in Tantra, and one great master talked about Tantra, he said, ‘Indulge, but indulge attentively’, so that’s what I want to do’.

Indulgence is not negotiable at all.

Indulge I must!

‘If you can tell me how to indulge attentively that will be an added bonus, maybe that will lead to an even deeper orgasm, maybe the pleasure of raping would be heightened if I do it attentively!’

What kind of fallen minds are we?

Again that same, old garbage, ‘Sometimes I see myself slipping, at times, I see chaos, but at other times I see glimpse of Truth.’

Seriously? You catch yourself slipping?

Seriously? You have glimpses of Truth?

Like a drunkard has glimpses of sunlight in midnight! Sunlight in midnight! And he is saying, ‘I have glimpses of Truth’ , ‘I catch myself sometimes slipping’ , and then? What do you do with the catch? You have caught yourself slipping, now?

Now drop yourself!

But that hurts, right?

After you have caught yourself slipping, if drop yourself, and especially if you are overweight, it would hurt!

But such a great consolation, ‘I do catch myself sometimes, but you know, it is a part of my style. It is the way I am, that inspite of catching myself I remain corrupted, just as all great people have their idiosyncrasies, this is mine, that I catch myself.’

Have you not seen drunkards saying, ‘I am not drunk, let me drive’?

Have you seen them saying this, ‘No! I am drunk not at all , I *can drive, I will catch myself* before the accident’ , and when the accident happens, the bugger says, ‘Oh! I just slipped and then I had a glimpse of the Truth’ .

You want to continue in your profession, you want to continue in the same-old-wretched house, you want to continue with same-old-wretched partners.

And you also want Truth, right?

You also want a new life. Whom are you fooling?

You want to secure your personal life, you want to secure your professional life and amidst all the security you also want, the great free fearless Truth. You are cutting a very smart deal!

‘Let everything remain the same, let my friends remain the same, let my habits, hobbies, interests remain the same, let my girlfriend, husband and wife remain the same, let my profession remain the same; but I want to be new. Let Truth enter my life!’

Truth will enter your life, and sit in the wretched place you are offering it?

Truth sits only on the cleanest of the places, have you created the right space for it? Or Truth will come and be seated on your commode?

Is there any clean place in your heart where Truth can sit?

You have any space in your house for the Truth? Go and look at your house, and then ask yourself, ‘Where in this house is Truth going to sit? Where? Exactly where?

Even if Truth were to come, how would He enter this house? And where would It sit?

There is a reason I don’t go out of this place, yesterday night I went to a particular house, there was place for television, they were announcing all kinds of rubbish, there was space for huge sofa-set, there was space for all gossip and rubbish, where is the space for me? I was there for 5-10 minutes, I came back.

Forget about the Truth, if even I enter your houses is there any space in your house for me? Where will I sit? What will you do with me if I come to your house?

You know very well what will you do if I come to your house, you will serve me food, that’s what you will do with Truth, you will give chapati and paneer . Is that why I have come to your house to get chapatis and paneer ? And you think this is the biggest thing you can do? Give me bread and curry, that’s the best use you put me to? And then you want me to come again and again to your house?

You invite me again and again, and you don’t even realise why I don’t come.

Even if I come what do you do with me? You serve me namkeen ?

What horror! I come to your place to eat namkeen? And you feel proud about it, don’t you? ‘That the man was starving, and I was able to give him some good food’. As I’m saying this, I can see you womdering, because you donot know what else can be done, because that’s the kind of houses you have built.

In which there is this, the anyamaykosh (the physical body) nothing deeper than that. So, even if the Truth come to you all that you can give to the Truth is food!

I come to your house asking for you, I want your very head not food!

But that you can’t give.

I don’t come so cheap.

Truth is not an object of compromise.

Those who ask for the Sun must be prepared to come out of their caves.

And those who are obsessed with their caves need not ask for the Sun.

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