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If the partner is wise || Neem Candies
Author Acharya Prashant
आचार्य प्रशांत
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Lovers often like it when the partner acts silly. “It is so sweet, chomu is so silly!” But have you ever seen the partner going crazy saying, “My chomu is so enlightened”? An enlightened chomu is such a threat; you cannot like him. But silly chomu is so cute.

You always want a wife who will care for you like a kid. “Now, my chomu is a kid, and if my chomu is a kid, I am surely the kid’s mother, so the kid will remain dependent on me.” This is an emotional relationship. It has nothing of wisdom in it.

You talk silly things to your partner, and the partner may just say that you are silly but will not feel offended, will not feel an existential threat. But if you start talking wisdom to your emotional partner, then the relationship is doomed to fail. Try that.

If any of you are in an emotional relationship, try sharing the Upanishads with your partner and see what happens. Oh, you will hear an explosion!

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