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Earn the right to celebrate || Neem Candies
Author Acharya Prashant
आचार्य प्रशांत
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We do not deserve to celebrate. What is there to celebrate in our life? Every festival is like an examination day.

Yes, certain people do have all the rights to celebrate on an examination day; but who will be those people? Who have prepared well for those exams, who have done justice to their preparation throughout the year—they are the ones who have the right to celebrate on that day.

Others—why are they celebrating? First of all, you were dishonest enough not to do justice to the preparations; you miserably failed the exam—and now you are stupid enough to celebrate your failure?

Let’s emerge as deserving celebrants.

क्या आपको आचार्य प्रशांत की शिक्षाओं से लाभ हुआ है?
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