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Change of profession or change of mind?
Author Acharya Prashant
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Question: Dear Sir,

All desires, all wants are motivated by the ego and hence desire too is an extension of the self. Now my question is that if we are our thoughts only, then how does one move from what one does not like, let us say his present occupation, to what one likes say, to be a teacher? How to ensure that we are involved in ‘pure’ action which is not motivated by conditioning because to be a teacher may also be a desire coming out of one’s conditioning?

Answer: There is no need to move towards one’s liking.

The entire Being finds comfort only in what it must be. Your Being does not really need your support to be its comfortable position. Thats where it just is. Being is comfortable, Being is fluid, Being is goal-free, Being is so light that it is (close to) nothing.

So, no need to determine what vocation one should pursue. The inquiry must be deeper than that. Change of profession without change of seeing hardly helps. If the mind is the same, it will remain the same in any profession.

If one looks deeply, the goals and desires, howsoever holy, are seen in their bare form.

You are already in a process of knowing. The process is not driven by you. You have very little role in this process. In seeking an active role, you can only impede the process. The only thing you can do actively is to get out of your own way.

You need not want to be a teacher, you need not want to quit your job. A day might come when, if teaching is revealing itself through your Being, you will find you are already a teacher. Without quitting, without pursuing.

It will be effortless, it will just happen playfully. When you have learnt enough, what else would you do but teach?

-Based on my interactions on various e-media.

Dated: 16th June,’11

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