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Woman as the passive player in sex || (2017)
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Questioner: Why are females silent players in sex in this society? Why do they spend their life as deaf, blind and dumb in matters of sex? Why does the society make them like this?

Acharya Prashant: What is the society? The society is what you and I are. If you and I are exploitative, the society too will be exploitative.

Man keeps on fantasizing about sex as the ultimate remedy to his mental chaos. And to get this remedy, he must have the woman’s body. To ensure that the woman’s body is available, the man must keep the woman in bondage. Otherwise, she may, or she may not acquiesce.

Is it not very straightforward?

Is it not all in line with the ancient pattern of the ego?

What is surprising about this?

But what you are not seeing is, that just as the man wants to enslave the woman, because the ego is hungry for satiation, and being hungry it cannot let go of its promised food. Similarly, the woman too wants to hold the man captive. Their ways are different.

The man may use physical force; the woman may use the force of emotion. And if the woman is powerful in some other ways, she will use that power.

So, it is great to be compassionate towards women, but it is greater to first of all understand, where all this exploitation stems from. Then you will be compassionate towards both men and women.

You must realize that it is the fundamental nature of mankind to be exploitative. Man exploits woman, and woman too, in her own enslaved way, exploits man.

Of course, one can go only as far as one’s apparent powers allow. And one can exercise his powers only in dimension, where one is powerful. So, they both do that. They are masters of their own respective dimensions. And both want to have slaves in their own dimensions.

Man and woman together, both have to realize that this is a sordid game that is being played behind their back.

No man realizes what his true relationship with a woman is, and neither does a woman realize what being related to a man means. Unless they both realize that, there would be suffering for both. The nature of suffering, the appearance of suffering might differ.

But suffering is suffering.

Man cannot live in peace when the woman is suffering. And when the woman is suffering, how will she ever want peace for the man? You must see, you must be liberated. And then you will help all men and all women around you to see and be liberated.

It is not then a gender-specific thing.

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