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What makes India spiritual? || (2016)
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Questioner: In India, you are more open. It seems that here there are less differences.

Acharya Prashant: You see, this population that you see around you, has been touched by generations and generations and generations of Saints and Rishis. So there still is something in the soil of this place. Even the very common, very ordinary Indian, even if he has received no particular spiritual education, he still retains little, just a very little touch of what the great Masters had been. But it is a very faint touch. The wonderful thing is that even the faint touch of the Immense is still quite significant. But you must not be contented with the faint touch. You must aspire for the Full, for the Total.

If the glimpse that you are getting is so likeable, then the full demonstration must surely be absolutely lovable. You must not be satisfied with just glimpses; otherwise, you will return thirsty. In this sense, you must be really ambitious. Do not settle for anything less than the Total. And the Total is possible, very much possible, very easily possible; otherwise, you will just be entertaining yourself. A spiritual kind of entertainment, nevertheless just entertainment. You can come here and say, “Wow! Things are so pleasant. People appear a little peaceful. Nobody seems to be rushing. There is a certain love in the relationships.” You could sense all these things, and they are nice things, they are nice but not absolute. Do not stop at any point before The Absolute. And do not be misled just by the differences.

You see, you come from a particular culture. When you come across different culture, it is sometimes likable by virtue of its being different. Sometimes things are attractive just because they are not the same as what you are accustomed to. If you live in Chile or Germany or Ireland, you might just be plain bored by seeing the same kind of faces, the same kind of culture, the same kind of movies, and the same lifestyle. So when you go to a different land and you see different kinds of people, different colors, different language, different flora and fauna, different food, different scents, a different way of being, then it naturally looks a little attractive. But this attraction will fade away, it is just like wearing new clothes which are attractive only for a few days. Just as one place becomes boring, soon India too will become boring, right?

Get to that India which is always fresh. Get to that India which you will carry with you in your Heart.

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