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Timeless Christmas Eve lesson from Jesus || Neem Candies
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Christmas Eve again, Jesus says to his disciples, “I am going to be killed soon.”

One of his disciples, Peter, starts weeping and crying, and he gets a good scolding from Jesus. Jesus says, “Had you had anything to do with God, had you learned anything from me, how could you have thought that I can be killed? I can never go away.”

He cannot be killed. How can they kill Jesus?

“You are talking exactly like these worldly people who believe in death. They can kill my body, but that’s all they can kill. So, I can fearlessly give away the body.”

Similarly, you can fearlessly give away the words, because you very well know that the essence will stay.

Let’s party, let’s celebrate, but let that be a genuine celebration.

क्या आपको आचार्य प्रशांत की शिक्षाओं से लाभ हुआ है?
आपके योगदान से ही यह मिशन आगे बढ़ेगा।
योगदान दें
सभी लेख देखें