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On Introversion and non-attachment
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Question: Sir, Why and how when somebody is non-attached to people and things make him less compassionate or loving in the eyes of the society and when less talkative, anti-social?

Answer: Ankita,

Look at people. People know of themselves only as bodies bound in time. They think of their minds as a machine aiming to protect that body, and provide for its pleasures.

When I am just a body, when I exist just at the superficial level, then I look at everything just at a superficial level.

I look at a man, and all I see is his physical form. I look at a woman, and all I can hear is whether she is speaking or not. I judge books by their covers and people by their colors.

If you are seeing this happen to you, it is good. It is always an auspicious sign when fools decide to abandon you. The ones who know you only by your form, identity and words, anyway know you not at all. Then why keep up the pretense of relationship? If they get angry and walk away, celebrate!

-Based on Question and Answer sessions with me on various e-forums.

Dated: 10th June,’14

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