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No action in continuation of restlessness will take you to rest || Acharya Prashant (2015)
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Question: Sir, as you said right now that when I am really here, then there is no opportunity for restlessness. But when I am really here, a restlessness, an inner thirst, is there. And this thirst is unbearable.

Shri Prashant: No, you call that restlessness. It is never there on its own. You call it. Let nobody say that desire conspires against him – desire or restlessness, they are the same thing. Let nobody say that he is restless. You have to say that you choose to be restless.

And then you must answer, “Why do you choose?” I have no solutions to offer. You must tell that why do you invite restlessness. You invite restlessness because you have a false belief that restlessness can take you somewhere, and all those things that you have been fed on since childhood. You have been raised on those things. Nobody just becomes restless out of nothing. All this is concocted restlessness.

Try this. You do not call restlessness, do not send it invitations. Your restlessness will feel uninvited. Its power will subside.

But you side with your restlessness. You decide that you want it to stay. Similarly, you often say, “I have a lot of resistance.”

“You know Sir, I listen to this, and I am so devoted to listening to what you are saying, but there arises an inner resistance.” Resistance doesn’t arise, you call the resistance, you want the resistance. You have some selfish stake in resisting me.

Resistance is nothing, resistance is false. Restlessness is false, desire is false. And what does it mean for something to be false? That it is actually nothing. That is what ‘ falseness ‘ means. So, desire, or illusion, or resistance, they are anyway nothing. How can something which is ‘nothing’, attack you on its own? The thing itself is so powerless and helpless, it has no life. How can it invade your mind?

It does not invade your mind, your mind beckons it. You call for it – “Come, come, come, resistance come!”

L 1: Sir, why do we do that then? Why do we call it?

SP: You have to answer that because you do that. And you do that with such stubbornness. Aren’t you doing that even right now?

Who must answer this question? You are making a particular decision. You must tell me that why do you resist. I am not resistant, how can I tell you?

It happened yesterday, I suppose. Somebody asked me, “How to do something? You know Sir, I am sick, and I feel this way. And there is this insecurity and jealousy. How do I get rid of it?” So I wanted to start off with a reply. But then I said to her, “How can I answer you?” The fact is I have never really felt the way you feel. How can I tell you how to get rid of this feeling?

It is true that I enjoy a certain health, but then I have never really known such great diseases that you have. So how can I tell you the way to get rid of these diseases? I do not know these diseases. These diseases are a stranger to me. You have to tell about these diseases, not me. You are asking me, “How to get rid of my terrible restlessness, or pettiness or selfishness?”

I have never felt it so terribly, so how can I tell you?

I can tell you, how it feels to be healthy. I can uncover myself to radiate that health, in front of you. But about disease, I am clueless. I have no real knowledge. You have all the knowledge, you must educate me about disease. So you tell me. From where do you get all the resistance? Seriously. I have no idea. Wondrous to me! From where do you dig up so many arguments? I have no idea.

Because when I am confronted with Truth, I simply surrender. I have never argued. I cannot.

From where do you get your hallucinations? I have no idea. From where do you get your repetitions? I have no idea. You must tell me how do you perform this magic. Voodoo, black magic, all these.

You are the masters, I am a simpleton.

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