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Loneliness and girls || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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If you will go and figure out the fact of loneliness, it is the woman who is more susceptible to loneliness. Man makes merry even in the company of man. You would find a boys’ gang going all over, all around, a group of six boys having fun; but rarely you would find a group of six girls having fun. They need men.

Six girls are not happy together. Six boys, on the contrary, can be very happy together. The woman needs the man, and that’s what keeps her bonded.

We need girls’ gangs. We need girls’ communes. We need women to be alright with themselves. We don’t want women to be emotionally dependent or biologically dependent on men. We don’t want women to seek a man to complete her identity. We don’t want the woman to seek a man to complete her name.

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