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Life is sacred when you can see the true in the false
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Question: Dear Sir, there is one question that keeps puzzling me.

Consciousness is the ground of being. Everything is in consciousness. Consciousness sees the whole body, and the world, and creates it thus. Then who is deluded? Is consciousness itself confused? Where does the avidya or ignorance come from?

Answer: From nothingness, two ‘things’ are created – the Subject and the Object. Consciousness is the interaction between these two. Think of it, consciousness must always have an object and a subject.




Subject-Object (Duality)



Subject then ‘sees’ the object.

This phenomenon is called consciousness.

Consciousness is what happens between this Purusha (subject) and Prakriti (object).

But we know that Purusha and Prakriti are both figments of duality, and hence false. Hence, consciousness too is false.

That is the reason whenever JK says, “the observer is the observed”, it needs to be added “and both are false.” Hence I was elated, the day I read him talking of “observing without the observer”.

Consciousness is the ground of being, true. But it is the ground of mental being only. Truth is beyond consciousness. Consciousness implies duality. Consciousness would imply that one is conscious of truth, hence separate from the truth. No. One knows the truth not by knowing the truth, but by being the truth. There is no role of consciousness in it.

Question: Dear Sir,

This makes a lot of sense. Yes, Jiddu does say observing without the observer. Hence consciousness is false, because consciousness implies duality: the separation of things.

A part of my mind- my thoughts, strictly speaking- raise another question. Why do people like Jiddu Krishnamurti say that life is sacred, when clearly the base of what we call as ‘life’ is inherently dualistic?

Answer: Jiddu Krishnamurt says,

  1. See the false as false.
  2. See the true in the false.
  3. See the true as the true.

Life is sacred when you can see the true in the false.

Can we see the oneness from which all duality springs?

Life is sacred, the living are sacred, the conscious are sacred, the unconscious are sacred, the subject is sacred, the object is sacred….precisely because they are false. They are not what they appear. They are where they come from.

The Truth. The One.

– Based on my interactions on various e-media.

Dated: 11 January,’12

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