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Let there be intimacy in whatever you do || (2016)
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Acharya Prashant: I was seeing the rabbits fight in the evening yesterday. Even when they are fighting, at least, they are coming close. Man shoots from a distance. It was quite instructive!

Not only that! If they want to hurt each other, they have to touch each other. Man is the only animal who can deeply hurt you without touching you. It is not only that he can fire at you from a distance, he can do nothing to touch your body and yet violate you deeply. That is how we live.

You can just throw that hew glance at someone and really be violent, right? Animals don’t know that. Look at the honesty! It is such a loving fight! Even if I want to hurt you, I will have to come and touch you, almost like love-making. Man would just say one word, sometimes cast a glance, sometimes avail the glance, and you have shredded the other person psychologically. Have you known that? One sly remark and that’s like raping somebody’s consciousness.

Know that! Feel the whole energy of that. And live with it. You will feel an urge within to call it evil, and hence, run away from it.

No, don’t run away from it!

Even if you call it evil, stay with the evil! Look at the evil in the face. See, how it happens. When you look at it, it will be so abominable, you will want to hide, you will just not want to acknowledge! Even if somebody forces you to acknowledge, you will resist, rebel, bite back.

You don’t need somebody to push you. By yourself, acknowledge!

Acknowledge, when love comes to over-power you; and acknowledge, when evil dominates you. Acknowledge both of them!

You are already living in them. Don’t suppress the living!


Love makes you uneasy. Live with that. Lack of love also makes you uneasy. Live with that. Live with whatever there is! Don’t pretend that it is not!

Don’t act normal! You have no obligation to prove that you are just one of them. Another One! Run off the mill! If you are hurt, cry, cry aloud! Don’t block the tears.

And when you are not hurt, don’t pretend to cry!


Give yourself permission to cry aloud. Also, give yourself permission to love wildly. Give yourself permission to really slap somebody hard, without bothering about the Police, etc., or the Ambulance.


And also give yourself permission to embrace and kiss.

We live such vapid lives, neither do we slap somebody nor do we kiss. And how will you kiss, if you can’t slap? Sometimes, the slap itself is the kiss.

Have you ever kissed that way? You don’t know that, right? Slap really hard!

You are not obliged to act decent. You are not obliged to conform to any standards. It’s not complicated, it’s the heartbeat. Listen to it there! In pursuit of Truth, do not forget Beauty! Truth and Beauty are One. If your pursuit of Truth is not a beautiful pursuit, then it is not the Truth.

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