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Let God be the baby in your arms || Acharya Prashant, on Hafiz (2016)
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An infant in my arms

The tide of my love

has risen so high let me flood



Close your eyes for a moment

And may be all your

Fears and fantasies

Will end.

If that happened

God would become an infant in your


And then you

Would have to nurse all


~ Hafiz

Shri Prashant (Smiles) : You already know what this is, right? You just want to live in the joy of listening more about it. It’s beautiful.

(Reading again) The tide of my love has risen so high, let me flood over You. Close your eyes for a moment and may be all your fears and fantasies will end. If that happened, God would become an infant in your arms and you would have to nurse all Creation.

It is only when God calls that you realize what a trouble the world is. Till the time you are not sensitive to the call; till the time you do not acknowledge that He is calling, the world appears pleasurable. When He calls then you realize that you cannot go to Him because you are so shackled to the world.

What is the world?

That which you see with your eyes open. Hafiz is saying, ‘The world itself is your problem. Not that the world has “some” problems. The world itself is the problem’. Kindly do not search for solutions in the world. The world does not have problems and solutions. The world has only problems and problems; the world is the problem. And if you want an end to the problem, then the entire world will have to go; your eyes will have to totally close.

Your eyes close if fears and fantasies go. Your fears and fantasies have gone only when the world has gone. The world is fears; the world is fantasies. No fantasies; no world. No fear; no world.

What is it that you remember?

The world.

Is there anything that you remember and is not a part of the world? Whatever you remember, whatever is mind stuff, is the world. And is there anything that you remember that is not related to you through fear or greed ?

Think of everything that you continuously remember. Think of everything that finds a place in the memory. It finds a place in the memory only because it is important to the ego. It either promises something or threatens to take away something. That is why you remember it, and what you remember is your world. Fears and fantasies is what you remember.

Hafiz is saying, “Let not the world be too important for you. Close your eyes to the world. Do not take the world too seriously.”

The moment you stop giving importance to the world, you have also stopped giving importance to the fear that comes from the world. Look at all your fears, do any of them come from any other place other than the world? When you talk of fear, your fear always has an object and that object is worldly. World is gone. The world is no more important. Fears are no more important. No mental activity is important. None of that which you have so far taken as important is important.

And now, when this great universe has perished. Now, when this total infinity is gone, then you also lose respect for bigness and greatness. Now words like large, immense, infinite are not very significant for you. Have you ever wondered why we call God as big; bigger; biggest? It is because the universe that we perceive is big and so we have come to have a respect for the word “big”.

When we say, when we use big as a respectable word, we are actually respecting the universe, because the universe is the biggest fact that we know. That is the difference between the ordinary one and the devotee. The ordinary one would conceptualize God as a large-ness, as a beyond-ness, as something transcendental. Something so huge that it cannot even be imagined. I repeat, what else is so huge that you cannot even imagine it? The universe.

It is because we have so much respect for the universe – which actually is fear – it is because we are so afraid of the universe that we conceptualize God as the big one. When the universe is not very important for you, then it is no more needed to think of God as the big one; then God can be your size; then God can be even smaller than you; then God is approachable. You can hold God in your arms. Then the relationship with God is not that of fear or greed. Then you do not say that a religious man is God fearing. Then the relationship between you and God is that of Love. Now, God is as lovable as an infant. You can hold God in your arms. Would you say that you are infant fearing? Then why do you say you are God fearing? Why does that word even exist in the dictionary?

For the devotee, God can be a small kid. You are holding the kid in your arms. And somebody like Hafiz is not going to stop at that. He is not just saying that you are holding God in your arms. He is saying, ‘You are actually nursing the kid’. And it’s so wonderful that in nursing the kid, you are nursing the entire creation.

Bliss! Marvelous!

One can only settle in Silence.

Nursing God; nursing God as an infant.

Not God – the father;

not God – the immense;

not God – the Protector;

not God – the Savior;

God- the little one.

You can kiss him, cuddle him, and his skin is so soft.

And his face is so small.

And his nose!

That is only for lovers of God. Not for those who fear God. Not for those who think that God does justice; God keeps a record of your good and bad actions. Not for those who come up with theories and stories like God created the universe, God may dissolve the Universe.

The Real lover has nothing to do with the past – he doesn’t worry whether God created the universe and when and how. The Real lover has nothing to do with future – He is not bothered whether and when and how the universe will be dissolved by God.

He just Loves.

And love is not a thought, love is not a hope.

Love is a reality.

He loves God right now.

An infant is so lovable.

God is as lovable as an infant.

Have you seen those little ones of any species, so lovable? Little cats, little pigs, little dogs, little snakes, little tigers – all so lovable; unconditionally lovable; doesn’t depend on the specie.

Not only do you depend on God for your existence, your survival, your peace. God also depends on you. Just as you are in search of God, God too is in search of you. In fact, God is searching more intensely for you than you are searching for God.

God is knocking at your door all the time. God too needs something from you. Without you, even God is not complete. God is forever waiting and waiting for your “Yes”; just as the infant is dependent for something very important on the mother; similarly, God is dependent for something very important upon you. The infant looks at the mother’s face, for nourishment, for intimacy. God too looks at your face- for consent, for intimacy.

God is waiting.

God is waiting, can we say “Yes”?

Everything that you see around you is his invitation. What do you think? You would actually be in some room and there would literally be a door knock?

This night is the call of God.

This river; those lights, the sky; the darkness; these words- how else would you hear God speak?

He is knocking all the time.

The infant is calling you.

You are the mother, nurse him.

Have you seen how intimately, how passionately, how desperately the infant clutches at the mother’s breast? Have you seen the face of an infant when he is

Have you seen the face of an infant when he is sucking?

Watch his face.

The face of contentment is the face of God.

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