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Is there anything beyond conditioning?
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Question: Sir, does everything that we have come from conditioning? Is there anything called ‘my choice’? Answer: Ali,There is only one ‘thing’ existing. Nothing else exists. Lets call it ‘One’.

That one thing expresses itself in 2 ways:

  1. Indirectly. One becomes many and the many see only each other, and not One. Ask the many and they will talk only of the many. They forget the One. They also forget that even in talking of the many, they are actually talking of the One only.So, what is happening? From One, many A,B,C,D….Z come. A is thinking of B,C,D. But A does not even know that B,C,D are actually One. He does not know that he too is One.One is so playful. It becomes many and itself forgets that it has become many.
  2. Directly. A, B,C, sometimes, rarely, just wake up. A looks closely at B, or H, or S or W, and suddenly, realizes, “You are not what you look. I am not what I think”. Then One is looking directly at One. Now, there can be no two. There is only One.

You would see that conditioning is about looking at the world indirectly.Indirect way of living: Way of conditioningDirect way of living: Way of intelligence

Whenever you are living directly, ‘humari pasand’ is really ‘humari pasand’. Whenever you are living indirectly, ‘humari pasand’ is just the influence of B,C,D upon A.

– Based on my Question and Answer sessions on various e-forums.

Dated: 13th May,’14

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