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Feeling lazy? || Neem Candies
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Those who are lazy lack not in energy but in understanding. You do not know that you need to work and that work will get you benefits, dividends, joys. Therefore, you are preferring inaction over action. Had you really known the sweetness, the ambrosia of right action, you would have chosen right action over laziness every moment, because what’s the fun in lying unconscious on the bed? Great fun lies in being awake.

What we need is sharpness. What we need is insight. So, only these two things can relieve you from your laziness: either the fear of missing out on life, or great love for something tremendously beautiful. I am talking of the right kind of fear. The right fear that “I have one precious life and I will just squander it”—that is the right fear to have. Or you could have a great love; that’s what you require as a young man. You require to have a big heart.

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