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Diwali lesson: How to break free and find your light || Neem Candies
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You may celebrate Diwali, or you may celebrate Christmas—the weather would remain what it has to. Or is the weather exceptionally fine because today is Diwali? If it has to rain, it will rain. Life has nothing to do with your festivals or your sufferings.

Every instance of freedom from this chain gives us relief and brings us a lot of misery. It gives us relief because it reminds us of our essential nature.

The method, if I may so call it, is to move towards light when you see it. That is the only method. When you see light, move towards it; that is the only way to get more light. When you get freedom, move towards more of it; that is the only way to be unconditionally free.

Seek light, see light, and finally be light. Those who seek it, they necessarily see it. Those who see it, they move towards it and, ultimately, they are it.

Seek light, see light, be light.

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