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Beyond feminism || Neem Candies
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Feminists who didn’t like men and envied the power and the pelf and the position held by men, soon became so much like men. And what did they get? They started doing everything that is the bane and curse of manhood. They started wearing like men; they started smoking like men, drinking like men, and talking like men. And all their exquisite softness was lost; all their feminine grace was lost.

As a feminist, when you despise men, rather envy men, you become so much like men.

There is a third woman possible. She is neither like men and not even like women. This third woman is simply not copying men. She does not take men as her role model. She does not dress up like men, she doesn’t walk about like men, and she is not even a woman. But there would be very few women who would look at this third possibility.

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