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Are we same or different?
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Question: Sir, everybody has been programmed in the same way which we call as ‘conditioning’. And if everything is happening because of this conditioning, if every action is programmed then all our happinesses and difficulties should be same. But it is not the case. Everyone has his/her own problems and reasons of happiness. Why is it so?

And second thing, if sahib , the source does everything, then why does he differentiate between different beings?

Answer: No, we are not all programmed alike. The difference in programming is ‘YOU’ and ‘ME’.

At a fundamental level, the programming is same. Our bodies have similar structures, our minds are ruled by fear and greed. Tendency for food, security, pleasure, sex is there in all minds. This level of programming is called vritti ( tendency) .

At a surface level, the programming gets more detailed: My identity, my relationships, my career, my religion, my opinions. This level of programming is called *vichaar*– (thought).

vichaar aksar alag-alag hote hain par mool vritti ek si hi hoti hai

Thoughts are usually different but basic tendency is the same

-Based on my interactions on various e-forums.

Dated: 6th May,’14

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