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Action is born out of nothingness
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Question: Dear Sir,

There is one question on the ‘action’ that has been playing on my mind since you sent me the mail about the desireless action.

You said when there is no self, there is purity in being and hence the desireless action takes place. By this do you mean actions harmonious to the universe, to the Truth?

Answer: There is no basis of ‘Action’. If there is a basis, it is an ‘Activity’.

What is a Basis? If it has a base, it has an origination. Also, if it has a base, it gives rise to something and all originations are dependent. There is nothing that originates and is yet independent. All dependent, or interdependent originations are suffering.

Action is born out of ‘nothingness’. That is, if you insist that it MUST be born out of something.

Baseless action is action. Meaningless action is action. Directionless action is action. Purposeless action is action. Horrible, isn’t it? See how the ego recoils.

Now, do not fall into the trap that these words can be. Do not think that action is utter mindlessness. Or that action takes place in absence of thought. If Self is all, and all is but the image of Self, the mind too is Self. No need to shrink away from it.

Action does involve the mind as well. Action does have a base, action does have a meaning, action has a direction and a purpose as well.

Just figure out.

-Based on my interactions on various e-media.

Dated: 19th July,’11

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